Claire Putnam, Women’s Health Services

Claire Putnam, Women’s Health Services

“Everyone should have an MREP energy audit! I would not have been able to do my REAP grant without them! Danielle was incredibly helpful in finding ways to save money, and getting maximum rebates to help me improve my energy savings. Not only was she insightful and spot-on with her knowledge of energy efficiency and ways to cut costs, she was fun to work with! She would call me up and say ‘I think I found some more money for you, send me your receipts for that!’ I will certainly continue to refer other friends and business owners to her, so they can find ways to save energy and save money!”

~ Claire Putnam, MD, Women’s Health Services, Bozeman

Dr. Claire Putnam purchased a building on 7th Ave in Bozeman and planned to remodel the building into a women’s clinic. The one story building was built in 1940 for residential purposes and converted into commercial space several years later. It currently has an unfinished basement. The remodel was intended to improve the energy efficiency of the building while creating a comfortable space for the patients. The remodel included new windows, a completely updated HVAC system, all new LED lighting, upgraded insulation, and cosmetic upgrades on the exterior and interior.

Total Savings for the Project

This project will save over 14,000 kWh and 107,000 kBTUs per year. That is the equivalent of saving 1,410 gallons of gasoline! The project is outlined in the table below with each elements’ annual savings, cost, and simple payback. The simple payback uses the current utility rates to calculate the cost savings on an annual basis.

Item Conservation Measure  

Annual kBTU



Annual Cost Savings Projected Cost Simple






1. Lighting LED Retrofit 45,788 $586 $1,090 1.09  


2. Window Replacement 54,238 $466 $17,434 39.1 N/A
3. Insulation Upgrade 51,885 $511 $4,716 9.23 $920.00
4. HVAC Equipment Upgrade 35,083 $1,610 $15,176 9.43 $461.30
Totals 186,994 $3,173 $38,416 11.5 $1,813

HVAC Energy Efficiency Equipment

The new HVAC system includes an Energy Star rated furnace and air conditioner manufactured by Trane. The old system consisted of an older furnace (assumed rating at 78% efficiency) and a Bryant 10 SEER outdoor unit for cooling. The new furnace is 97.3% efficient with an electronically communicated motor (ECM) for the blower fan motor and a variable speed drive (VFD) on the condensing unit. The new outdoor unit for cooling has an SEER of 18.

Window Upgrades

The building contained 31 single-paned operable windows. Twenty one of the windows were equipped with ½ a storm pane: ½ screen on the outside, six windows had full storm panes, and four windows had no storm pane at all. Many of the windows were cracked and the storm panes were not installed properly. This project included a full energy –efficient window replacement.

Old Upstairs Window

New Upstairs Window

Old Basement Window

New Basement Window

Insulation Upgrades

The project also included increasing the insulation levels throughout the building. The above-grade walls and attic contained an estimated insulation value of R-11. The blown-in cellulose insulation in the attic was not spread evenly and there was no insulation in the roof structure. The basement exterior walls are concrete only with no insulation.

Basement Insulation

Lighting Upgrades
The owner also replaced the halogen track lighting fixtures with new LED flat panel fixtures that are more energy efficient and provide a better quality of light, with a longer service life.

Old Track Lighting

LED Fixture